Colorfall is a puzzle game promoting cognitive health and physical activity. It was created in partnership with Humana Games for Health.

Colorfall is an addictive new puzzle game based on the color spectrum, brought to you by Humana Games for Health and Persuasive Games. If you know the colors of the rainbow, then you can play Colorfall! You must arrange cascading colored tokens in the order of the colors of the rainbow. You thought you'd never see ROYGBIV again, didn't you?

Choose from three exciting modes of gameplay: pattern disrupting Normal play in which the game continues until the tokens reach the top, frenzied timed play which gives you five minutes to score as many points as possible, and thoughtful fixed play where a rainbow wall of tokens fall after every ten tokens are placed. Each plays differently—perfect your strategy in all three modes.

In most puzzle games, pieces come at random and there's nothing you can do about it. But in Colorfall, you can alter your luck. Need to change the color of that token to clear a row? Get up, move a little or a lot, and use the camera to take a photo of any object in the real world. The token's color will change to the predominant color in the photo.* Try it!

You can also share your score and issue challenges with your friends on Scoreloop and Facebook.

* camera feature is only available on iPhone, but the rest of the game works fine on the iPod Touch or iPad


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